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As Us reported earlier this week, things have been tense in the Kardashian-Jenner family as of late, after Kylie's half-brother, Rob Kardashian, began dating Blac Chyna, Tyga's ex-girlfriend and one of Kim Kardashian's former best friends."There's a romantic vibe [between Rob and Blac Chyna],” an insider confirmed to Us Weekly.

PHOTOS: Kylie's Style Evolution Nevertheless, while the family may be on edge, there's one person who's taking the news in stride: Tyga. approached the "Stimulated" rapper about the relationship on Thursday, he coolly replied, "Everyone deserves to be happy."What do you think of Jenner's date night ensemble?

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Although Lord Hamlyn is never named in the book, he is only referred to as "the patron", it is widely known in Sydney society that he engaged Madame Lash's professional services and paid her handsomely for them.

As part of their deal, Madame Lash, whose real name is Gretel Pinniger, promised never to reveal the identity of her benefactor, who in return funded her lavish lifestyle, flew her across the world for sexual liaisons bought her two expensive Sydney properties.


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