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Failed to update drive letter, please manually set a drive letter for the volume by disk management. The program reassigns the drive letter after finishing partitioning but failed.You will get this error code in case of below conditions: When assign the drive letter failed. The program attempts to change the drive letter from D to F but failed. Failed to lock the volume, please reboot and retry.This article will address the advantages of using the Oracle Metadata Services (MDS) repository as a central storage for the metadata.The MDS repository is a central part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware landscape, managing the metadata for several technologies, such as Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF), Oracle Web Center, and the Oracle SOA Suite. The first part provides an overview of SCA and MDS.

If the program failed to unmount, you will get this notice.clause used for the maintenance operation is shown.Global indexes do not reflect the structure of the underlying table.SCA development is metadata-driven, meaning that metadata artifacts, such as Web Services Description Language (WSDL), XML Schema Definition (XSD), XML, others, define the composite's behavior.With the increased number of composites and the dependencies among them, it became necessary to manage all the metadata in an adequate way.Note: The following sections discuss maintenance operations on partitioned tables.


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