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Lilly Broadcasting, owners of WSEE-TV in Erie, Pennsylvania which already serves as the default CBS affiliate in the Virgin Islands, is commissioned to provide a replacement ABC affiliate for cable viewers, and promptly imports WENY-TV in Elmira, New York.The remains of what are thought to be two people, one adult and one adolescent, were discovered following excavations at a neolithic structure near Milltown, Co Kerry.Other items recovered in the dig include a number of arrowheads, scrapers, and a flint javelin head, along with fragments of neolithic pottery.

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Dine in our more formal Grille Room or in the casual atmosphere of the Hacienda Cantina indoors or outdoors, with spectacular views from the Cantina Terrace.

The family has a rich history as the owners of the historic La Posta De La Mesilla, one of the oldest and most recognized restaurants in the southwest, dating back to 1939.

With the acquisition of the Hacienda de Mesilla Grille, Inn & Cantina, the Hutchinsons believe visitors to Mesilla will enjoy the comfort and elegance of a stay in a southwestern Hacienda, while being just steps from enjoying the history and culture of Old Mesilla.

The discovery was made near the dolmen or portal tomb at Killaclohane in Milltown, the oldest intact structure in the county.

The land owner, Ken O’Neill, had noticed the cap on the dolmen — which dates back to 3,800 BC — appeared to be loose and alerted the council.


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