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antecessor, yet it was likely to have been more robust than H. According to Juan Luis Arsuaga, one of the co-directors of the excavation in Burgos, H.

antecessor might have been right-handed, a trait that makes the species different from the other apes. Arsuaga also claims that the frequency range of audition is similar to H. antecessor used a symbolic language and was able to reason. Other significant features demonstrated by the species are a protruding occipital bun, a low forehead, and a lack of a strong chin. antecessor are from two sites in the Sierra de Atapuerca region of northern Spain (Gran Dolina and Sima del Elefante).

antecessor is one of the earliest known human species in Europe. heidelbergensis, who inhabited Europe from 250,000 to 600,000 years ago in the Pleistocene.

Various archaeologists and anthropologists have debated how H. The best-preserved fossil is a maxilla that belonged to a ten-year-old individual found in Spain.

The mudflats were rapidly buried by tidal processes with further silts,”2 the archaeologists write.

Due to fossil scarcity, very little more is known about the physiology of H.

In plan, the trench is a 500 metre long arc running N-S through the southern part of the Sierra.

The Sima del Elefante (TE) site is the southernmost cave in the Trinchera del Ferrocarril.

The first archaeo-palaeontological work here was in 1986, consisting of a testpit to determine the characteristics of the infill, its archaeological potential and a rough chronology for the sedimentary deposits.

Systematic excavation of the site began in 1996, and has continued uninterrupted down to the present day across a 32 m2 excavation area.


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