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Windows 10, like previous versions of Microsoft’s operating system, often needs to reboot to action an update, and will occasionally do so at the least appropriate moment -- as this pro-gamer can testify.

While Windows 10 updates are mandatory, you can control (to a degree) when they install, and more importantly if and when Windows 10 restarts afterwards. If you’re a Windows Insider, the maximum duration has been increased to 18 hours, and there’s also a new Restart options screen which lets you choose when the OS should finish updates and reboot.

However, Microsoft has realised the error of its ways and in the latest version of Windows 10 you can prevent restarts during your 'Active Hours'.

To set these, choose Settings from the Start menu, then Update and Security, then Change Active Hours.

However, Windows Update can also cause problems — particularly by nagging you to reboot when you’re trying to use your computer and automatically restarting your computer overnight.

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In this guide, we will address a similar issue where the Windows Update program is stuck in a reboot loop, and every time you open it, it tells you to “Restart your computer to install important updates“.Hopefully that will stop Windows 10 from rebooting automatically, although the OS will probably re-enable the task at some point.Microsoft has been criticised after the recent blockbuster update to Windows 10 was accused of damaging user's computers.On top of that some people got W10 forcibly and updates are automatic too. "The user's gripes were quickly echoed by other Redditors who reported similar issues on their devices after downloading and installing the update.Windows Updates is a program that comes packed into Windows, managed and maintained by Microsoft.If you haven't already upgraded to Windows 10, you can check out User Solo Wing X reported that his whole system freezes upon start-up, and even when repeated restarts appeared to solve the issue, problems arose when trying to access the Start Menu or task bar.


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