Pathauto not updating

I even tried changing the pattern of my other content that already has generated url aliases and ran bulk update later, but I still got the "No new URL aliases to generate" message.

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Content already added will need to be edited - either: - one by one: edit the URL Path Settings - check the box "Generate automatic URL alias" and save.

OR - head to /admin/config/search/path/update_bulk and select which types to generate aliases.

We are at /content/ and then the title of our tour.

We can ignore everything past this # right here from now.

The query is restricted to users whose url_alias.source is NULL.

And the information for it is not available on the node object because it is not a field.One also needs to assign a condition - so its applied to the appropriate content type(s).Sounds like you've got the pattern applied to article and page, but not the new content type? Also - the pattern will be applied by default to new nodes of the new content type.In order to fix this, I must go to each node and check "automatic generate URL" and NOT bulk update from pathauto itself. Despite all the good tips and what not, I went for the "Windows solution" of fixing problems: @nofue: The page at admin/config/search/path/update_bulk is definitely meant to regenerate new aliases for any content that does not have any aliases, which based on your description is what you needed. @nofue I'm running into the same problem while setting up my Drupal 8 site. UPDATE: Some of the content items had the URL alias defined in the node / edit form. Still having a problem getting the date field to show up as I would like (year, month).Ran into the very same issue today -- path auto allows for "deleting all aliases" (thank you, author! I think in D7, it relied on the Date module, which I don't have in D8 (as I understand, not all of it is in core). I'm searching a solution since this token works when a node is saved a second time and I think it's one of the most useful to have a clean hierarchical url.


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