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Was tempted to hit up a bar, maybe stroll too the dog with two tails but eh, too tired for that shit.weathers been shit too663609713Got a gun pulled to my neck on Friday night outside a Z station, cops came, I ended up getting assaulted by Police, arrested, let out at 3am because they couldn't lay any charges on me. v=c5fts7bj-so663616671Nope, some slut yelled at me and a mate. When I got let out of the cells this morning at 3am I told the cops to tell the guy to add me on Facebook.

We told her to shut the fuck up, this cunt came up to me and grabbed me around the neck and shoved a gun to it. I would've knocked the cunt clean out if he didn't have a gun, he was like 5'7" and skinny as fuck.663619794Yeah, I feel you.

I laughed at him and said "Calm down cunt." In reality though it was a pretty freaky experience but the adrenaline was cool.663609713Pretty average saturday, weather very shit here so just got stoned and played some vidya. When I come up with something to do I'll let you know.

Just got home from the circus, was pretty neat to watch. Gotta say, amuses me that of all the possibilities, there's a bloke just over the road with this much in common. 663620515(Speaking for myself here, ymmv)In a sense, saying "I have nothing to do" is a bit of a cop out: It sort of lets you off the hook, lets you just accept that there's nothing to do and just fuck around on /b/ or whatever.


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    The owner of the store where the shooting occurred, Abdullah Muflahi, said that Sterling had started carrying a gun a few days prior to the event as other CD vendors had been robbed recently.

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    One document described their shock at just how much of the traffic was naughty — between 3 and 11 percent of the images they collected: "Unfortunately …