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A lot of you have been coming to lalate the last two weeks asking if these two are dating. We told you that both Danity Kane and Day 26 have gone to number 1, we had for you the exclusive party for Day 26 here in Los Angeles … yes, apparently Dawn Richards from DK and Qwanell have got Danity, Day 26, and Dating all covered! It’s just a part of my career I want people to understand my music and get to know me musically.”“The love in our relationship is so real.We work at it spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

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Once again, Dawn Richard has perplexed the internet by looking completely different.

The name Day26 was an inspiration of the date they were selected, August 26, 2007.

In late 2007, the show came back for a second season, with the group working on their first studio album (self titled Day26), along with fellow Making The Band 4 winner Donnie Klang and Making The Band 3 winners, girl group Danity Kane, living in a house together, all recording new albums and often competing with each other.

Q auditioned at a club in New York City where he made it through three cuts in order to audition for Sean Combs.

In season 1, after beating out numerous contestants for a spot in Sean Combs' guy group; Mosley, Robert Curry, Micheal Mc Cluney, Brian Andrews, and Willie Taylor were put into the group Day 26.


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