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Crose '34, Donald Byerly '36, Betty Witherspoon '37 and Anne Byerly Moore '40. Therefore, in 1905 "an informal meeting was held at Dr.

We acknowledge with special thanks the permission we received from the following ACSers to either extract from or reprint portions of their publications: Finally, our heartfelt thanks to the ACS Staff and Ms. Bashshur, Head of School at ACS from 1984 to the time this history is written, for their efforts in combing through the ACS files and archives to help us make this history as complete as possible. Stacey '61, Editor In the early days of the 20th century many of the American families of the University of Beirut [the Syrian Protestant College (S. C.), as it was then] and of the American Presbyterian Mission used to have governesses for their children, bringing young women out from the United States or England, or engaging them locally. Moore's, to draw up a schedule and make inquiries as to house, prices, etc., to present before the meeting as a whole." (From Faculty School Records, Vol. On Friday, April 14, 1905, the committee of three met at Marquand House.

Much of this history is drawn from the ACS archives, but certain lengthy contributions covering the earlier days of the school were provided by various ACSers to us in the 1991 - 1994 time frame.

Where appropriate, those contributions are specifically credited within the text.

It looks like a place where dead bodies are hidden until they can be dumped in the Charles. Regardless, all the 20 years olds I knew slithered into the Silhouette every weekend, drank warm beer and ate stale popcorn and most likely got the runs, but it was all worth it because they didn’t have to spend the three months between when their friends turned 21 and when they did in social isolation. You probably spent a lot of time perfecting your shot, giving people shit for having their elbows over the line, and arguing about NBA Jam rules.

Sometimes people didn’t wash the ball properly after it rolled under the couch in a never-vacuumed Brighton sublet, and that was okay.

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